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She doesn’t even know where Fizz lives, but I mean, can you blame him when the woman says things like “I’ve been playing it cool since he likes to throw restraining orders around?better known by his stage name Chingy, is an American rapper, singer, and actor. Louis, Missouri and began rapping in earnest in his late teens. Keith Sweat Keith Sweat may be the Patron Saint of bad R&B singers. And lots of people love him and will tell you that he can sing. Last week, I dared various individuals to come and test me now in a battle regarding two somewhat-storied and not-really-fabled singing groups from Atlanta.

She didn’t get it last night, but upon arriving to Ray’s party, Ray’s new girl informed her that she went into the bag and snapped shots of its contents, which included Mari to not only boast about swinging on Ray J, but threatening to do it again.Chingy's 2003 debut album, Jackpot, sold two million copies, thanks to the boost from "Right Thurr".A second album, Powerballin', was released in 2004 to mixed reviews, and his 2006 release Hoodstar spawned the hit singles "Pullin' Me Back" and "Dem Jeans." He released Hate It or Love It in 2007, under DTP records.It’s a shame only roughly seven of y’all gave a fuck ‘cause she ultimately found herself dropped from her label and tossed into the same R&B cage now home to other lost songbirds like Gina Thompson, Mona Lisa, and Amerie with the extra “I.” And yet, mere minutes into the series premiere of , Teairra swears she is fighting to get people to see that she still “eats and breathes music.” Maybe, but so far Teairra’s menu looks less focused on studio time and more centered on a diet of beef and brown liquor.explained to publicist-turned-rapper (this is Los Angeles, in a nutshell) Hazel-E, the roommate she hasn’t seen in forever ‘cause she’s been “house sitting,” she is still reeling from the fallout of her relationship with Ray J.

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