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And that's what this article is all about: Revealing the secrets to clean-installing Windows 7 with Upgrade media. In older versions of Windows, Microsoft would actually prompt you to insert an install floppy or CD from a previous Windows version, to prove that you qualified for the upgrade version.But beginning with Windows XP, PC makers were able to dramatically change the Windows install disc, so much so that, in some cases, those discs weren't even identifiable as valid install media to Windows Setup. In Windows Vista, Microsoft supported in-place upgrades from Windows XP, but if you wanted to use an Upgrade version of the Windows Vista Setup disc to do a clean install, you had to perform a weird double install trick.

Both the old and new CD's are 100% legal Microsoft products.In some cases the BIOS flag is set for an older version of Windows and after a period of time WGA will flag the OS as "NOT GENUINE".Is there a simple way of updating the Windows XP Pro Product Key after SP2 is installed?Hey Everyone, I am building a new computer soon and was wondering if I need a new copy of windows 7.I have an old Pentium 4 computer from a while back which has a Windows XP product key, the computer doesn't work any more and I was wondering how I can use that XP key to activate a copy of Windows 7 on my new computer build?

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