Updating the adm files used by group policy management

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💡 = Recently Updated Version 7.15 of Citrix Profile Management can be downloaded from Xen App/Xen Desktop 7.15.

To find it, click Components that are on the product ISO but also packaged separately. There are three methods of configuring Citrix Profile Management: This page will detail the GPO ADMX method of configuring Citrix Profile Management. Citrix Studio Policies and Microsoft GPOs override the file.

The method described in this article has been tested in modern Firefox versions (Firefox 43.0.2 and higher).

There is a number of Firefox settings to be used both for preconfiguration and to disable or block something in a enterprise environment, where the users, as a rule, do not have the administrator privileges, and IT specialists have to determine, which browser settings are allowed to change and which settings are left preset and unchangeable in this environment.

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For users that connect to Citrix in multiple datacenters, there are a couple options: DFS Namespace for central user store – The Citrix Profile Management user store path is a computer-level setting, meaning there can only be one path for every user that logs into a particular VDA.The common idea of these solutions is to create a GPO, make changes to the specific registry branch and then specify the necessary parameters in Firefox configuration files using a Visual Basic script.At the first glance, it is convenient and consistent, but … Mozilla developers change both the location of the configuration files and the names of these files, etc.You could find or write the necessary GPO administrative templates to make it easier for administrators.(For example, Google has developed and is supporting a set of adm/admx templates for Chrome.) However, Mozilla decided to make it different, and now Firefox stores its settings in the files located in the user profile.

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