Updating bios on eee pc

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This will tell the computer to display the boot device menu.From the boot device menu, we select the "USB: Patriot Memory" entry.Downloading random EXE-files from the internet is definitely not ideal when updating firmware, but it has been tested on the models mentioned below and confirmed to work. Eee PC 1015PEM: Updated successfully to 0901 using Free DOS 1.0, but using BUPDATER 1.16 instead of AFUDOS.You can get the bios and the BUPDATER utility from the ASUS suport page for 1015PEM. Here are the screens I can see: Pressing F9 doesn't load System Recovery, it still just goes through to the blinking underscore character.

Click the down arrow next to "Select Models." Choose your model from the menu. Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the "General Download" section, then select your operating system in the pop-up box.If you have experience with an unlisted model or additional experience with a listed model, please edit the page and add your notes.700 (a.k.a. Press F10 to save changes and proceed to normal boot. 701SD Model: Got hold of 701SD-ASUS-0602.zip, unpacked it to 701SD-ASUS-0602. 1000 Linux Model: Success updating to BIOS version 0803 on a 1000 (Linux model).2G Surf) Model: Download 700-ASUS-0401.zip, extract 700-ASUS-0401. Note that the upgrade will reset the bios settings (there are a just a few, anyway). ROM") using the smallest USB stick i could find (256 MB FAT 16) and the Alt F2 method.The flash drive is a 16GB USB 3.0 drive from Crafted In the first method, we will use the boot device menu to select the USB drive for a one-time boot.In the second method, we will setup the computer to always boot from the USB drive when it is connected to the computer.

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