The political party system dating

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Beginning in the mid-1960s, two main parties, or movements, had dominated Dominican politics.These were the PRD and the Reformist Party (Partido Reformista--PR).It functioned as an exiled organization for twentytwo years, before returning to the Dominican Republic in 1961 after Trujillo's assassination.In the late 1980s, the PRD was a left-of-center, democratic political party.

The address, which Trump has been writing with aide Stephen Miller and others, will include some gestures toward unifying a polarised country as he tries to bind the wounds from a bitterly fought election, aides have told reporters.

In French politics, the term ‘ (Popular Union Movement) or UMP is one of the largest parties.

It was created by Jacques Chirac after he was re-elected as President in 2002 and it united the Right in a single party.

Donald Trump has told the "Fox and Friends" programme that he believes the US is at risk of becoming a one party political system with him as President.

In an interview aired on Tuesday morning, Mr Trump criticised the House of Representatives Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi as "incompetent".

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