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They were among seven adoptable dogs who were the main attraction at Doggy Dating, a new animal adoption event sponsored by the College of Du Page, the Animal Rescue Foundation and the Naperville Area Humane Society.

” Questioning how humans regard animals as different to ‘us’, Kuang-Yi draws parallels to feminism, queer theory and postcolonialism - i.e.Also atypical of speed dating, the event wasn't a beauty contest among dogs.Students circled around Agnes, a bearded collie who had lost much of her hair from fleas after being caged and kept outside, just as keenly as they did around Persenaire's own well-groomed dog, Gizmo. Kerry Sanders reports for The Today Show that dogs are now speed dating, "like so many single people just looking for some love." The distinction is that for these dogs, finding a date may mean the difference between life and death.According to Sanders, "This fun underscores a serious problem in the U. Too many dogs, not enough owners." The Humane Society estimates that 3-4 millions dogs and cats are euthanized in the U. Dog adoption, as encouraged in speed dating, has been popularized in recent years, and online sites such as and ASPCA have made it easier than ever for interested owners to adopt.

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