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And if you need products to improve sperm count and motility, or products to help you determine if sperm count/motility are an issue for you, pay a visit to the male fertility section of our store. Sperm count is the number (or concentration) of sperm that should be present/measurable in a given sample.The World Health Organization provides guidelines for a healthy sperm count.There are a lot of different theories and approaches to natural gender selection but very little scientific study.

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Even though infertility strikes men and women equally, and men and women may feel similar emotions upon being diagnosed, their experience of infertility may be quite different.

It would be wonderful if not getting pregnant were simply a matter of applying the right bit of folk wisdom at the right time — if that were the case, no one would have to bother with formal birth control and abortion would be naught but a faintly remembered relic of the distant past.

Yet that’s not the way of it, and our oddball beliefs about surefire ways to sidestep conception are no more effective at accomplishing that goal than is wishing on a star when we look to win the lottery.

And while a healthy sperm count is a vital dimension of male fertility, there are clearly many other physiological factors (called sperm parameters) that are equally important.

Let’s clear up these myths and see what one can do to improve male fertility health – as well as sperm counts.

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