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“When I started writing this record, over three years ago, I started writing some of the same songs over again, lyrically,” she said. Courtnall came into Mc Lachlan’s life when he attended a fundraiser she held for the Sarah Mc Lachlan School of Music in Vancouver, B. When Mc Lachlan, 46, got to work on “Shine On,” she had yet to fully move on, and it showed in her lyrics. “I was alone, obviously for over three years, and then I met my, I don’t know what the hell you call it, boyfriend, partner — this guy I’m dating — and all of a sudden, everything sort of opened up for me in a whole new way,” Mc Lachlan said.But there’s also a thread of optimism expressed in Flesh and Blood and The Sound That Love Makes as Mc Lachlan navigates a new romance (with former NHL star Geoff Courtnall.) For the singer, writing made for great therapy.“We all suffer. I think the record’s indicative of that: It speaks of the struggle and the hardship but it also speaks of the joy and the possibility and the hope.”Going on tour is another way to end the wallowing, partly because of the travel and adventure but also because of the emotional release on stage.“I love playing live, I always have,” she says. It just feels really good after the lonely isolating process of making a record.To be able to release these songs, give them to a bunch of great musicians who breathe their life into them, and then we get to do it in front of an audience who hopefully likes it, and they seem to.Check out 31 couples who've already split this year. So it was nice to be able to embrace a new story.” Courtnall, at least on paper, might not seem like the most likely person to click with Mc Lachlan, who is known for her sensitive, intelligent and emotionally rich songwriting.Multi-platinum-selling recording artist and entertainer, Josh Groban, announced today a Summer 2016 tour in support of his massively successful album Stages. Recorded before a live audience at the historic Los Angeles Theater in downtown L.JOSH GROBAN: ON STAGE, produced by Live Nation, kicks off on July 15, 2016 in New Orleans, LA and will hit more than 20 cities around the country including dates in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and more. A., JOSH GROBAN: STAGES LIVE brings some of the most iconic songs in the Broadway musical songbook to life.

In addition to her personal artistic efforts she founded the Lilith Fair tour as which showcased female musicians on a scale that had never been attempted before.

It’s a great culmination of all that hard work, and a great emotional release because it’s joy and fun, and just good energy.”Not so enjoyable was the rebuilding process, especially the challenge of finding a new label in an era of declining album sales. You really have to barrage people with anything and everything in your arsenal to put it out there and make sure people know about it.”Of course, none of those concerns came to mind when Mc Lachlan was making the album.

Despite Mac Lachlan’s track record as one of Canada’s most consistent, bestselling acts, she was reluctant to strike out on her own as an independent artist.“It’s a strange time in the music industry,” she observes. I felt like I wasn’t willing to take that huge leap and go out completely on my own at this point. “I write songs because there’s an internal need to do it,” she says, “and I also want to continue to play live, which I adore doing.

Mc Lachlan's landmark fifth album, the 10x-platinum Surfacing, contained two Grammy Award-winning tracks, "Building a Mystery" and "Last Dance." Her most recent album, Shine On, explores her personal journey over the last three years navigating love, loss and change.

Shine On celebrates the human ability to grow from our experiences, thrive and shine on.

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