Regular expression for validating date format mmddyyyy in asp net

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To do the example i have write the code to ensure proper & perfect date validation like: 1.

(14 printed pages) Download the source code for this article.

The literal form, shown in the following table, can be used in any place that accepts a variable created with the constructor or created by a literal assignment.

The following table lists the meta-characters that can be used in Java Script regular expressions.

This article covers the basics and recommends where to go to learn more. I hope it will also make a handy reference/refresher for developers who have used regular expressions before, in conjunction with my regular expression cheat sheet.

This article is designed for beginners with little or no experience with regular expressions, but who are familiar with ASP. In this article, I will discuss: If you have questions about this article or regular expressions in general, I invite you to ask them on the regex mailing list at which as I'm writing this has over 350 subscribers.

NET Framework is first-class, and even just within Microsoft® ASP.

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In fact, it actually determines if you have a real, legal date.

He has also explained how to fetch the values of the dynamically generated Text Boxes using Java Script on Server Side and also retain the dynamic Text Boxes across Post Back.

Now you can ask questions directly to me on my new site ASPForums.

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In addition I will explain how to dynamically attach event handlers to Text Box control in Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained explain how to add and remove Text Boxes dynamically using Java Script in ASP.

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