Problems updating avg 7

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Thanks for the advise guys I finally got it working.Like you guys said its the firewall and firefox even thou i had it check it like Faradd said it still slows my computer to a point that i could not open a single program or internet.Running Windows 10 AVG Free edition Update does not complete and gives a message "Update has detected running installation.Complete that installation before starting update"I cant find any other installation running I cant uninstall because it comes up with the same error message. go to control panel, security center, click on windows firewall at the bottom and then click the middle tab which displays exception. if that doesn't work click on add program and then locate the program files and then avg and that will can alternatively download avg 8.0 and uninstall the current isntal.As a result, the updates do not get installed on your machine.

The user can update this software; however, the update process may fail and it may show an error message such as, connection with update server failed.AVG Update Error 1 The following errors occur when updating AVG 8.0: Cause of the Error Generally, this AVG update error occurs due to corrupt AVG update control files.Resolution Methods To repair the error, you need to delete temporary update files.You can use either of the following two methods to do this.Method 1 – Remove temporary update files, using the AVG interface : When you run AVG update after performing either of the above steps, AVG automatically downloads the removed control files and the above error usually does not reappear when you perform updates in the future.

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