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I had found the queer-disproving article before I saw her other band, The New Pornographers, last night at the 930 Club.

But that doesn’t mean the first woman I ran into there, a 930 employee, didn’t warn me that “Neko looks hot, as usual” before I even walked into the door.

The result is an album of rare beauty and intelligence, rendered in imaginative arrangements containing sometimes startling harmonies.

A large part of the success is down to the truly collaborative nature of the work, with all three participants involved throughout the process, from songwriting and arranging to performing.

(And frankly, when it comes to meaningless sex, I couldn't possibly enjoy myself wondering if they had my band's songs mentally soundtracking our foreplay.) I did kiss a guy who was a big fan of the band once.

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen So, much to my chagrin, I found an interview where alt-country dynamo Neko Case essentially admits she’s not a lesbian. She sings about women all the time, her sexual tension with backup singer Kelly Hogan is thicker than Alec Baldwin’s hair and she has an unstoppable following among queer women, who are great at smelling their own.

She’s gorgeous, that’s undebatable, but some part of me feels like she took some Maxim-esque shots a couple years ago and they are going to haunt her through men’s magazines until her hair turns white and she does a posthumous, late-career duet with Nat King Cole. Case was wearing pants and an androgynous button up shirt. She looked like a woman that everyone would want to pick up at a Mautner Project fundraiser, not jello wrestling at Phase 1.

Musicalal Sex Symbols often get written about as boobs first, music second, and that is so against the spirit of Neko that she looks as in place in GQ as a black person at the Restoring Honor Rally. After I got over the initial wave of “holy fuck, this is the best show I’ve ever seen” that always accompanies the sonic overhaul of a TNP performance, I was struck with what Neko was wearing. My status as a dude makes me unqualified to speak exceedingly in-depth on the butch/femme dynamics of female fashion, but the sexiness Neko displayed onstage last night had nothing to do with the stick-straight hair and tank top that GQ chose for their photo.

But everyone has a limit, and once that limit is reached, the person or situation can just go to hell.

"Atomic Number" is not only the first single, but the first on the album's track list.

Can’t stand the thought of another night of drunken karaoke to the tune of “Nothing Compares 2 U”?

I wouldn't want to sleep with someone whose lust is solely driven by the fact I'm in a band they like. If I don't need to put any effort into seducing someone, there's no tension.

In that scenario, I'm up on a pedestal; there's no room for me to impress them. They don't like me for my witty quips and knowledge of books; they like me for being in a band.

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