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Meanwhile, ABC green-lights The Dating Game, and by 1967 the show is a phenomenon.On a CIA mission in Helsinki, Finland, he meets female operative Patricia Watson.One night after Barris is kicked out of a bar for fighting, he is approached by CIA agent Jim Byrd, who recruits him as an assassin.Returning from a mission in Mexico, Barris finds that Penny has become a hippie.Lorenzo and the eldest Larkin daughter, Mariette (Debbie Reynolds), become attracted to each other, but he does not let that get in the way of his work, at least not at first.

With their cooperation, he sets out to figure out what, if anything, they owe in the way of back taxes, a difficult task, as Pop usually just trades for what they need and keeps no records.You probably know one, there's this boy who's not sure about commitment and this girl who wants to start a family, throw a couple of inside jokes and stay on a conventional path.The actors manage to do a average job with what they've got (which is nothing almost) and you get one or two jokes that actually are funny, but it's not enough.Reynolds sings the title song during the opening credits.The film was written by William Roberts very loosely based on a British novel, The Darling Buds of May by H. Bates, which was later adapted into a more faithful 1991–93 British miniseries, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the role that Debbie Reynolds plays in the film.

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