Mongolia and women and dating

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I love to cook, I like to keep house, I love to travel.

Mongolian women are known around the world for their exotic beauty, strong will, sense of pride and independence.

Inner Mongolian girls are pretty plump as a general rule, and since fitness and entertainment aren’t as well-developed as in the Northeast, girls here easily get fat.

As you tour Mongolia, you will encounter more women than men.

The three are members of the ultra nationalist organization "Dayar Mongol." Such nationalist groups have seen a rise in popularity in recent years.

They use Nazi symbols - the white swastika on red and the Hitler salute and worship Hitler.

I can speak Mongolian, interested, thoughtful, open minded, optimistic, spiritual/physical, calm, caring, affectionate, balanced (seeking to combine the dynamic with the peaceful/centred), smiling, quietly passionate (not always so I am a mature, polite man, voyager of the life and the world.If you have ever visited Mongolia, you will find that there are more women than men in almost all sections of society.The domination of Mongolian women in the service industry goes back to several centuries.Some women occupied the most powerful religious positions as shamans—acting as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual world...While women maintained Mongolia’s entire subsistence economy, the men focused on hunting, fighting and building an empire.

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