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Having known my conception date, I adjusted my LMP to work.

Both my midwives have also asked whether my cycles are long, short or irregular.

The due date is based on the ultrasound alone at that point and your "dates" of pregnancy are then back calculated from the due date by computers.

And, I have never had a reason to use an ovulation kit as I only have to think about getting pregnant and I do. Many, I'd say most women don't have a clue what's going on w/their cycle beyond the fact that their period arrives....periodically.

The date her last period arrived is something most women can reasonably identify.

(The authors go on to suggest that the best time to perform a scan to date pregnancy if one is needed is 11-14 weeks, although the rationale for this isn’t well explained).

But of just as much concern for me is the move that has occured over the past few decades whereby technologically-derived knowledge has become seen as superior to women’s own knowledge, which also includes the knowledge that birth attendants can gain from women’s experience of being in their bodies.

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