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I think I'd like to work with other artists - do some producing. Jo Jo: Well, it's pretty easy because I like to eat. I know there are certain expectations for what I look like - and I do work out. I'd rather exercise and eat than not exercise and starve myself and have no energy.

I really hope I'll still be recording and performing. I'd also like to work for a label, maybe have my own.

Nine of the items failed to draw the minimum of -- then again, how often would you wear a hot pink pantsuit (size 42) in Washington? Suddenly our prepared question was seeming really dumb, but anyway: Guy friends claim that certain pop starlets lost their, um, desirability when they got married.

In general, life is pretty good, especially now that he's logging more playing time than in his first two seasons. It won't be a late night, on account of tomorrow's game against the New England Revolution -- though they might head out again after that. The top bid of 7 went to a white silk evening gown (beaded top, silk skirt, size 6) donated by former first lady Barbara Bush and worn by her granddaughter, Marshall Bush , to the 2005 inaugural ball. Kelis was two hours late to her very own album "listening party" at kstreet lounge, but at least the drinks were free. At 5 feet 10 with a firm gaze, she's got the terrifying poise of your middle school principal, if your principal had the bod for a plunging white shorty jumpsuit and four-inch platform heels.

I do miss some people because I'm really busy but, other than that, I have no complaints.

I'm also friends with Benji from Good Charlotte so I think it might be fun to do something with them - or their producers - on the next album.

Jojo was born on December 20, 1990 in Brattleboro, Vermont, U. Her Father’s Name is Joel Levesque and mother’s name is Diana Blagden (Used to sing in a Catholic church choir). Her original height is 5 ft 3½ inches (161 cm/ 1.61 m) and Weight 56 kg / 123½ lbs. Her Breast/Bra Size 37, Waist Size 27 & Hip Size 35 inches. So, If you like this post, just share with your friends.

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The singer, songwriter, and actress, Jo Jo is very passionate about her career but seems unlucky in love as she has few failed relationships in her past.At the age of 14, he became one of the youngest athletes to sign a professional contract in the United States, after he was selected by D. Everyone at last week's Greater Washington Sports Alliance party in Potomac was buzzing about the slender kid with the diamond-chip earring schmoozing so easily with the suits. The auction, which ended Wednesday night, raised ,752 for the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries, with proceeds going to Gulf Coast schools. Dennis Hastert became the longest-serving Republican speaker of the House yesterday, passing Joe Cannon -- also from Illinois -- who served in the job from November 1903 to March 1911. Any such career concerns now that she wed rap superstar Nas ?The program includes a brief biography of its featured artists, together with their latest showbiz news, recently released albums, or movies.That's what Darryl Pitts would like to tell Michael Richards, the "Seinfeld" star who spewed racist slurs at an African American man after his stand-up gig at a Los Angeles comedy club was interrupted last Friday.

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