Jevon kearse dating divas

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However, apparently Kendra (who has lovely teeth, or veneers as they may be), desperately wanted a platinum and diamond grill. Kendra puts in her grill, flashes a hideous smile (Grills = NOT a hot look. Still continues to be not hot even on a cute girl.) Kendra announces, in her one-on-one camera confessional, that she loves it, and it makes her feel "Gangsta."Could i POSSIBLY love this show more??

)'s friendship hails back to the days of yore, to nursery rhymes and toys, scrunched hair and entire cakes.So, in the episode of The Girls Next Door i saw tonight, Kendra decides that her immediate life goal is to obtain a Grill. Especially now that she's never doing a rap video again unless it's three 6 Mafia, bow wow, too short or Nelly!Yes, like a rapper-style Grill that, personally, I had always thought was a sign that you had bad teeth. )So she goes to the dentist and gets a mold done, and then has professional Grill Masters make her a mouthpiece-- which of course is studded out in pink and platinum, in the shape of playboy bunnies.and played high school football for the North Fort Myers Red Knights.He was over six feet tall and extremely agile, and added muscle without a loss of speed and agility.

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