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They more they can move in the direction of this belief, the more they will feel fulfilled.In order to have a deeper understanding of the differences of each type, it is best to look at their function stacks. I need a little help warning, this is going to be long... He told me he was in love with me as soon as I was single.I have a very good friend, I've known him since we were 17. But I didn't return the feelings at the time and met my now husband at the same time.INTPs who have found their niche can be charming and witty, albeit with a disregard for social norms.During a Relationship INTPs take their commitments to relationships seriously and are very loyal to their partners.When INx Ps use this process, they open up a massive realm of possibility.If an INx P bypasses Exploration by relying on their tertiary 10-Year-Old process, they may hesitate to move forward in their lives and can seem incredibly short-sighted and judgmental toward others.

The INTP under stress will use their weak Extraverted Feeling function a bit more.He's also made it very clear that he thinks I'm beautiful, on many occasions. He has invited me out a few times, but 75% of the time, it's me making the first moves. If we have a moment where things seem to be moving toward a romantic relation, he'll play hermit for a few days after that. With the aim of making more sense and avoiding repetition, I'll also re-order the sequence of some Q&A pairs: He's applying habitual, detailed rationality (his strong point) to unaccustomed, raw emotions (his weak point), scrutinizing them top to bottom for their origins and validity.But he always comes back and always seems even more into me than before. Is he only acting this way because I am not yet divorced? If I make a move, how do I let him know how I feel? He's also rating his chances of success/happiness with you by comparing his internal findings with external realities.Do you ever find yourself having trouble not knowing what action to take?Do you tend to get stuck in a rut, or remain steadfast in your comfort zone?

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