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Free Pascal is available on many architectures and operating systems (see Targets), and belongs to the campaign.

It has an excellent support for integration of assembly language, and supports multiple architectures and notations in the internal assembler.

, Delphi Free Pascal " " -: , " " (Wide String) Unicode, OLE Automation.

, , : Free Pascal ( - - Dev-Pascal, Delphi), , , , .

With a separate IDE project called Lazarus, cross-platform graphical application development is possible with little effort.

(Specifically: Borland Pascal 7 and Delphi 2 for version 1.0.x, and for version 2.0.x the target versions for the Delphi compatibility changed to 6/7).

The project has a compilation mode concept and the developers made it clear that they would incorporate working patches for the standardized dialects of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to create a standards-compliant mode.

A small effort has been made to support some of the Apple Pascal syntax to ease interfacing to the Classic Mac OS and mac OS.

Since the Apple dialect implements some of the Standard Pascal features that TP/Delphi miss, FPC is a bit more ISO compatible than these.

The 2.2.x series doesn't significantly change the dialect objectives beyond D7, instead aiming for close compatibility.

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