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The climate is temperate mild, with wet winters, and hot and dry summers.

, any of a variety of dating systems used by the several city-states in the time of classical Greece and differing in the names of their months and in the times of beginning the year.

In 2014, archaeologists from the University of Geneva were conducting dive-training exercises off Lambayanna Beach in Greece’s Kiladha Bay when they spotted some intriguing pottery fragments submerged near the shore.

When they looked closer, they spotted what appeared to be architectural elements, suggesting the presence of an entire settlement underwater.

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Greece is located in Southern Europe, between Albania and Turkey.

The country borders the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

The buildings appear to be oval or circular in shape, and built in the same style as those known to have been constructed by other Bronze Age civilizations in Greece.

More surprisingly, the ruins contain at least three horseshoe-shaped foundations attached to the wall line, which are believed to be the remnants of massive defensive towers of a type unknown elsewhere in Greece.

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