Dhcp not updating in dns

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Credit for a working solution goes to: Jason Koppe & Ned_Schneebly Their two posts: Differential Analysis – WDS & DHCP Separation & Revisit: Differential Analysis – WDS & DHCP are extremely informative, so check them out.

They posted their working solution here: WDS server and DHCP server on two different servers: Predefined Option 43 – 010400000000FF Custom-made Option 60 – String – PXEClient Predefined Option 66 – IP or Hostname of the WDS Server (in our case Predefined Option 67 – boot\x86\One more thing to keep an eye on are open ports that need to be open to the WDS server: UDP – 67, 68, 69, 4011 TCP – 135, 137, 138, 139, 5040These settings worked perfectly.

Step-by-step: How to setup DHCP and join a computer to a domain.

How to setup DHCP on a Windows Server 2008 R2 server and join a computer to a domain.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode: Used to move computer data, video, or audio over a network.

It embeds the data in ‘cells’ which all travel along a fixed path to their destination.

Joining a computer to a domain is a very simple process as well.Common Name: When a digital certificate is signed by a CA, this proves the common name (the name presented on the certificate) is correct. Common Name: The name of an object in active directory i.e. Digital Subscriber Line: A network connection, usually to the Internet, the speed of traffic “down” is usually fast, and the speed of traffic “up” is slow, this makes it ideal for home Internet connections.Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol: Cisco proprietary distance vector routing protocol.I could make one centralized change that would enable PXE booting throughout the environment. Note that this only applies if DHCP is on the same server as Windows Deployment Services.However, identifying the exact DHCP option settings that would permit cross VLAN PXE booting proved challenging. • Option 66 = boot server host name • Option 67 = boot file name The above recommended settings simply did not work in any configuration.

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