Dating while separated houston

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Harris County local rules and many of the Harris County courts’ scheduling orders require that in divorces involving children, the parents need to complete and file the certificate of completion with the court prior to trial.

Additionally, a person must reside in Harris County, Texas for at least 90 days prior to filing their divorce petition in Harris County.

The courts would need to have personal jurisdiction over the other party.

There are various statutes that may give Harris County, Texas, courts jurisdiction over a non-resident of Texas, thus enabling the court to proceed with the divorce. The second bit of helpful information you should know about divorce in Harris County, Texas is that if you and your spouse have children born during the marriage, you may need to complete a Parent Education Program.

Both parties do not have to meet these requirements.

Either the Petitioner or the Respondent can meet these requirements to file for divorce in Harris County, Texas.

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