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Two CIA agents, Tuck and Frank who are also best friends, have been benched because someone's after them.Tuck is divorced with a son whom he's not close to and Frank is a ladies man."You’re not going out and assassinating people and torturing them, you’re trying to make friends with people".And she is not the only one to believe that women, often conditioned from birth to "be nice" and make men feel good about themselves, make ideal spies.Ladybrains, can't live with 'em, can't make basic decisions in life with them.

Moran argues that among her cohort, half of whom were female, it was the women who adapted more easily to deploying a range of techniques for extracting information.

And if part of you is thinking "well, hey at least it's sort of progressive and enlightened to have one woman dating two men instead of the typical reverse," stop.

I'd venture 75% of the film is Witherspoon blabbering about how her ladybrain can't handle being with two (soooo wonderful and handsome and blahblahblah) men.

She later bumps into Frank and he hits on her and she goes out with him. When they learn that they're dating the same girl, they agree to let her choose. Then SUDDENLY, she's irresistible to two incredible hotties? If that weren't enough to turn you away: the dialog is forced and nonspecific, the chemistry is nonexistent, Witherspoon phones it in.

But both can't help but use their skills to keep tabs on her and each other. There's also a plot "twist" anyone could spy a mile away.

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