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The nib is very flexible compared to most Parker weapons grade stiff nibs, although it is not a wet noodle. ITEM #4687: PARKER DEBUTANTE DOUBLE JEWEL VAC FOUNTAIN PEN IN GREEN/BLCK PEARL LAMINATION.

This pen has a perfect, un-corroded, un-torn aluminum lock-down filler. 0 ITEM #4393: FIRST GENERATION GREY TRANSPARENT SLENDER VACUMATIC W/NICKEL PLATED TRIM. Get a load of the reading on the PENTOOLING CLEAR-O-METER with this pen on it in the last picture below. Features a 14K Arrow nib, feed, and clip by Parker; Barrel, section, and cap by Ariel Kullock, turned out of the same rod stock as used by Parker for its 80s re-release of the Duofolds; Banding by Dr. it has a 14K Parker arrow nib that measures right between Medium and Fine on a Parker factory nib grader. Maxima Vacumatic fountain pen on one side and the same sized (from the set mate to the above pens) Vacumatic pencil. Strong imprint, triple bands, MEDIUM/FINE nib (right on the boundary).

It goes without saying that Parker no longer refills these lighters, so it is a collectible, not a user item unless you have figured out how to refill it. PK2273 Parker Flaminaire Lighter - Radically New Pocket Lighter (or so the enclosed brochure says!

Solid 14KT gold Parker 51 nib is not marked but seems to be a fine point. (Sorry, none available at this time) PK2189 Think Pink! Parker produced this pink Jotters a few years ago to help support City of Hope and Breast Cancer Research. Since Parker BP refills don't dry out quickly at all when left exposed, these are great pens to just keep on your desk or near your phone. Gold foil insert tag indicates original retail was .50 and there was no Federal Excise tax. The Flaminaire was made so that you needed to send it back to Parker to be refilled.

Parker used the Lucky Curve into the 1920s as a competitive market differentiator in a crowded pen market.

Unlike most major manufacturers of the era, Parker largely stayed away from the lever fill mechanism.

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In the 1930s, Parker came up with an interesting solution.

1936, black and silvery green celluloid, bright chrome trim, triangular clip with ball at end is engraved: Parker.

The color is slightly darker than original, but far better than most from this era, I’d give it an 8 out of 10 with 10 being perfect. There is a hint of brassing to the cap edge and also at top of the cap back center. It is not unusual for the pencils which were made of celluloid to vary slightly from the fountain pens made of Lucite. ) Shiny black lacquer finish with bright chrome accents. The attached large cardboard easel on the back side has never been used. Large illustration on top half of a desk top with Parker Quink Permanent Blue-Black, a Parker Vacumatic fountain pen, smoking pipe and a framed photograph.

What if suction could be created in the entire pen barrel rather than just the sac?

They replaced the sac with a flexible diaphragm at the rear of the pen.

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