Dating ingraham clocks

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Elias Ingraham's son Edward Ingraham (1830-1892) succeeded his father as head of the business in 1885.Edward had also received an important patent in 1884 for a method of applying black enamel paint (Japan) to wooden clock cases.As a group, Ingraham clocks, and especially the clocks made under a label bearing the Ingraham name up until 1885, refer to clocks made by several different companies. Elias Ingraham remained as the head of his company until his death in 1885 when his son Edward Ingraham took his place.The firm of Brewster and Ingrahams Clock Company was formed in 1844 and operated until July 24, 1852. Ingrahams Company was then started and ran from 1852 to 1856; and then Elias Ingraham and Company from 1857 to 1860. Edward Ingraham followed in his fathers footsteps and received a patent pertaining to clock cases in 1884.American clocks date to the 1600s, according to Discover Most of those originals were the tall, grandfather-style clocks.Patents in clockmaking usually cover innovations to clockworks, the wheels and springs and escapements that together contribute to a clock’s ability to keep accurate time.

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So if your American clock has wooden movements, you can assume it was made prior to the 1840s.

Look at the back of the clock movement for a company name stamped into the metal.

Company names Ingraham was associated with from 1844 until his death in 1885 include Brewster & Ingrahams, starting in 1844; E. Ingrahams Company in 1852; Elias Ingraham and Company in 1857; E.

The master behind Ingraham Clocks was Elias Ingraham (1805-1885). This well-documented history and short time periods for each company make it easy to date the early Ingraham clocks based upon the label.

Elias, who lived to the advanced age of 80, was born in Marlborough, Connecticut. While we tend to think of patents in clockmaking as applying to the mechanical aspects of clock works, Elias Ingraham contributed to the industry by focusing on clock cases.

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