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Keywords: Mf, ff, nc, mc, oral, bond, humil, magic "We've got all the bases covered, girls," said Susan Radson as she locked the front door to the house.

"My parents are out of town, all your parents think we're having a sleepover at my house, and its after ten, so no one's going to be calling us for fear of waking us up.

Save us both some time and just read the information below if you’re having trouble!

"I made a joke about how I hoped he didn’t 'murder me.' He took this to mean I was talking about rape and said he 'hoped I wasn’t a feminist' because 'men have it much worse' and went on a literal 15-minute rant about men’s rape statistics in prison.

Aaaaand, it's a Friday night, so no school to get up for early in the morning." Ann Went nodded and grinned.

"Not that my parents are going to really care one way or the other," she said.

Do you have a hankering for some true stories of real ghosts and demons? Tonight, we step out of our haunted houses and haunted forests to explore the real vampires, zombies and spirits at our local haunted graveyard.

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Can you handle the Supernatural and Paranormal Activity? The hauntings are close to home tonight – Or will you find yourself buried alive under these real horror stories? – Black Eyed Kid or Supernatural Creature by Mad Nat – Creepy Graveyard Date after a Horror Movie by Grace A.

If your contract doesn’t specify, contact the publisher and ask if we can read your story. Equally important – Your story WILL BE separated from the submission form for reading.

Many publishers will agree, as it is free publicity for them and you. Sharing: You agree to promote your episode to your friends, family and fans via social media and other means. We MUST have your contact info on your story so we know who you are and how to tell you you’ve been accepted. Submit your story for consideration via the submission form below.

The auther gives permissionfor his stories to be posted elswhere as long as he credited with the writing, also this is a long story so if you want short and sweet this is not for you.

I hope you enjoy Title: Melissa's Initiation Copyright A Strange Geek, 2005 Last modified 10/11/05 (header adjustment only) Feedback welcome!

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