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A number of countries worldwide celebrate name days based on a calendar with names assigned to each day of the year.Most of the names originate from the saints of the Catholic or Orthodox churches.Wedding day is the most important day in life for every bride and every groom. The way everyone celebrates this great event varies significantly according to country’s traditions. The Czech Republic has many wedding traditions dating back through the ages.Some of them, however, are long forgotten, some of them are quite new.The Burning of the Witches, April 30: This custom takes place on the evening of April 30th as Czechs build bonfires and create an effigy of the legendary witch who perpetuated winter.The old belief was that witches' powers diminished as the weather warmed.

The republic is bounded by Poland on the north, Germany on the northwest and southwest, Austria on the south, and the Slovak Republic on the east. Sněžka in the north is the highest point at 5,256 feet (1,602 meters).

A common practice is to celebrate the person's special day by presenting a small gift card and wishing them happiness. Joseph's Day (Den Svatho Josefa), March 19: Similar to the Irish St. Joseph's Day is more subdued, and is celebrated around the same time in March each year.

One of the most common Czech male names is Joseph and has been the case for many years.

This may be self-explanatory, but in most modern societies this isn’t really acceptable (at least butter 'em up and take them on a few dates before you put a bag over their head).

However, in traditional Roma culture, the guys quite literally bag the girl.

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