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In both the Libor-rigging scandal and the unfolding foreign exchange-fixing investigations, traders' use of chat rooms to exchange gossip, insults and market-moving tidbits seems to have played a key role.

Around 200 million email messages and 15 million-20 million chats are carried out via Bloomberg terminals every day.

"Regulators are now trying to regulate something which has been around 10-15 years," Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital, pointed out.

Transcripts from instant messages between traders have played an important part in bringing them in front of formal investigations and into court.

Now that some of the world's biggest banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Credit Suisse are discussing banning traders from chat rooms, could this mark a return to the days where most business was conducted over the phone – or even over lunch?

(Read more: What traders have in common with baboons) The incriminating conversations discovered by investigators in the Libor and currency trading probes were mostly conducted via Bloomberg terminals, an almost ubiquitous presence on trading floors around the world.

The terminals provide financial data, news headlines and access to chat with traders within the same bank and on other trading floors.

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For the big banks, the most likely conclusion is tighter monitoring of chat rooms, and more focus on business-only conversations, according to Rundle, rather than the kind of looser, friendly talk which led to cringeworthy observations like the Icap broker who promised a Libor-setting colleague "a Ferrari".

A student-run club composed of individuals who shared one common interest: computer and network security.

They would meet weekly and discuss the latest cyber-security topics happening and even compete at a national security event, known as the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC).

“The idea started from Jeff Miller, who talked to Prof.

John Pinkston,” said Teixeira, “I was sitting in [his lab] when they met to scout for a meeting room/lab.” At the time, Teixeira had done some security research for his MS and had a networking background and wanted to help Miller on what he could.

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