Ct attorney discipline backdating

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His client's deposition had been scheduled for June 18.

Five days before the scheduled deposition, Mc Ginness realized he had not served discovery requests on opposing counsel.

The statutes and court rules generally establish the same procedures, although the court rules are much more detailed, contain additional procedures and personnel, and deal with more areas than the statutes do. For example, (1) the time frames are often a little longer in the rules than in the statutes; (2) the rules establish a mechanism for dismissing complaints before they get to a grievance panel, while the statutes do not; and (3) the rules establish the position of disciplinary counsel who investigates each complaint forwarded to the Statewide Grievance Committee (SGC) by a panel and allow him to negotiate a disposition.s 13 judicial districts.

A grievance panel is composed of one person who is not an attorney and two attorneys whose law offices are in judicial districts outside that in which the panel serves.

This increase essentially mirrors increases that are budgeted for all state employees.

The new pay progression plan would create an imbalance in the pay scale between SPD employees and prosecutor employees.

Historically SPD and ADA attorneys have always been in the same employee classification with similar job duties and responsibilities.

“Dishonest conduct” means wrongful acts committed by an attorney, in an attorney-client relationship, or in a fiduciary capacity arising out of an attorney-client relationship, in the nature of theft or embezzlement of money or the wrongful taking of money, property or other things of value.Mc Ginness admits he engaged in the misconduct as alleged by the Board, but argues his license should not be suspended for more than three months. Mc Ginness attended the University of Iowa as an undergraduate where he was a national champion wrestler.Upon our de novo review, we agree with the commission that the Board established by a convincing preponderance of the evidence that Mc Ginness violated rules 32:3.3(a)(1), 32:8.4(c), and 32:8.4(d). After graduating from the University's law school in 2001, he passed the Illinois bar examination and was employed by a law firm in Chicago.In early June, the JFC took action approving a pay progression plan for Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) and Deputy District Attorneys (DDAs).The pay progression plan for those attorneys allows ADAs and DDAs to move up one full salary step.

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