Chilli tlc dating floyd mayweather

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Mayweather flew into a rage and began threatening her.

She called the police and he was removed from the property.

He’s one of the greatest boxers in the sport’s history, in good shape and extremely wealthy.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that “Pretty Boy Floyd” has had a lot of success with the ladies, too.

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I should interject here and mention that I will try to make this post come off as non-cynical and non-pessimistic as possible.Chilli, who is now 41, is basically known for three things: being in TLC, dating Usher, and being too picky to find the man she claims she wants on the VH1 reality dating show “What Chilli Wants.” OK, four things if you count her baby hair, but that’s not particularly pertinent to this post, although I implore you to check out her sculpture game in the clip below. Anywho, as I digress, Chilli was asked the question I really wish people would stop asking women altogether, which is would you “date down.” In this interview, “dating down” is considered getting involved with a man who makes less money than you and Chilli’s answer is every bit of why I don’t like this line of questioning to begin with.She responded:“I’m very picky, I guess you want to call it that.On her new VH1 show, “What Chilli Wants,” she takes on the age-old question of what exactly a single, successful woman wants in a man, though she has a laundry list of requirements that eliminates most eligible bachelors.In the series, the singer has enlisted the help of Tionna Smalls, a self-proclaimed relationship expert who wrote a book called “Girl, Get Your Mind Right!

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