Cary grant and dick sargent dating

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Had he been taller, he would have been described being taller.

said on 1/May/17 I'd say Kennedy could've been wearing some fairly large heeled boots (probably not really lifts) there and yeah by the early 1960s, I'd venture to say that Grant had lost maybe 0.5-0.75 inches from his peak height.

In Charade when Grant was near 60 years old he looked 183cm.Always the gentleman, he lets Tony Curtis get more of the overt laughs, instead playing straight man and elder statesman.Although he wasn't yet ready to pass the torch to the younger generation.Cary Grant is fabulous here as a successful businessman who is the last to know he is in love with Doris Day's "Kathy".He's cool and dignified, until he isn't because he's scrambling toward the balcony she just tumbled off of!

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