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Actor Heather Matarazzo, 25, is officially engaged to musician Carolyn Murphy (picture above, left), Matarazzo’s publicist announced today. “It was summer and we were sitting Indian-style across from each other and I was so incredibly nervous. They’ve been together for over a year.”It was “love at first sight,” according to Jammal. “We were sitting in my pink room with pink carpeting,” she said.Nash saw Murphy's potential and soon she was modeling in local ads and magazines throughout Florida and Alabama.

About five to 10 times a day What websites do you go to?

Her career kicked into high-gear when she bleached her hair platinum blonde for a photo shoot, ruining her hair and causing it to fall out.

Because of this she had to get a short hair cut which made her popular with many top photographers and soon she was in major magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue and was named VH1/Vogue's "Model of the Year" at the 1998 Fashion Awards.

First Heather proposed to Carolyn, then Carolyn proposed to her.”The two are very supportive of each other and totally in love, Jammal added. In an interview with After, Matarazzo recalled her first kiss with a girl as a teenager.

Matarazzo came out publicly as a lesbian in 2004, when she was 21.

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