Brett ratner dating serena williams

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Serena Williams got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, this on the heels of a few high profile relationships with Black dudes like La Var Arrington, Drake and Common so you can’t say she never gave a Black man a chance. Well, which website did he co-found, nigga: Google?

Then again, she also dated movie director Brett Ratner; sexy from only a financial perspective; if even then. ”, like they’re holding up a big fish or maybe a trophy or some shit – the trophy being more appropriate, or, who knows?

Or maybe it’s low self-esteem corroborated by an insanely sexist looks-based industry. “The insecure star is simply happy that someone finds her attractive.” Even if he is a man who lives in a home called The Rat Mansion with a club in the basement.

Destination: Rome...” She went on to reveal she and Alexis were first introduced in the romantic Italian city, and called Rome “the place where our stars first collided”.

I’m wondering now is it myth to believe that while Black men will notoriously abandon any sense of racial allegiance and grab the first white thing they see the minute they have two nickels to rub together, Black women, regardless of status, circumstance or profile, will hold us down, marry us, nurture us and provide whatever other borderline natal services you’d think would come with mothering instead of coupling.

And, of course, even if that myth is a fallacy, it’s reinforced by the programming that teaches us that in surveys and on dating cites, across the spectrum of women, Black women are universally panned as the least desirable, putting them in position that they should, at the very least, feel when we’ll take them.

Get back to me when Le Bron beats Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder every time for nine years.

Sharapova is tall, white and blond, and, because of that, makes more money in endorsements than Serena, who is black, beautiful and built like one of those monster trucks that crushes Volkswagens at sports arenas. The chasm between Serena and the rest of women's tennis is as vast and broad as the space between Ryan Lochte's ears.

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