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" aku memangil nya..hanya menjawab "mmmmmmm"..teruskan menjilat cipap adik tiri ku dengan lahap, sedikit tertelan..terasa payau2 lemak air puki adik tiri ku ini, yang istimewa nya langsung tiada bau yg tidak menyenangkan di situ.ku mula mengeliat2 dan mengeluh2 kecil semula sambil matanya hanya terpejam rapat...

aku mengangkat punggung ku yg berkedudukan duduk atas tetek aku halakan konek ku kearah mulut adik tiri ku, aku cuba memasukkan butuh ku kedalam mulut adik tiri ku, adik tiri ku menutup mulut nya rapat2,tak benarkan aku masukkan konek ku kedalam mulut nya, " adikkkkk" aku bersuara sambil meletakkan konek ku ka mulut nya.tiri ku membuka perlahan2 mulut nya dan aku memasukkan konek ku ke dalam mulut adik tiri ku pelahan2...sedikit demi sedikit, aku mengeluar masukkan pelahan2....sementara tangan ku mengosok2 cipap adik tiri ku..berhenti setengah konek ku berada di dalam mulut nya...tiba2 ku rasa padat konek ku dihisap..sedap nya...terus di hisap nya...terasa pijau , di hisap nya, saolah anak kecil hisap puting, padat hingga terasa sengal konek aku, "dah dek, sakit abang" pelan dia melepaskan hisapan hingga mengeluarkan bunyi ciute..tak tahan sebenar nya...terus aku memusingkan tubuh ku...menghempap tubuh adik tiri ku di bawa.tak tahan sangat...dalam posisi melutut mengadap adik ku yg sedia terkangkang...sebelah tangan ku menongkah, sebelah tangan ku memegang konek ku ,aku halakan ke arah cipap adik tiri ku..."abang masukkan ya?

Forty days before the formation of an embryo, a Heavenly voice proclaims: The daughter of this one is destined to marry this one.

Sanhedrin 22a When Hashem first created man, He created Adam and Chavah together as one, and then He separated them.

What does it tell you about her personality, her character, her intellect, her initiative was this: If eligible girls would be given personal and meaningful “face time” with prospective mother-in-laws, they would be able to present their qualities far more efficaciously than a cold and lifeless curriculum vitae.

Now for my full disclosure: I am the mother (, he “wields the upper hand.” But as a woman who identifies with and feels great compassion for the throngs of girls in a parallel universe who are not being chased, I feel a little sad each time the fax machine cranks out yet another resume for my son.

Please let me know if anything seems horribly off-key.

First, there was the article in which one of my favorite bloggers, Bad4shidduchim, aka Bad4, was profiled.

In this class (series of posts) I will profess the merits and optimal structure of a shidduch resume within my demographic of the shidduchim world.

Are you asking if you can reject your Bashert and still be happy?

Are you asking if you can marry someone who's not your Bashert?

This post may contain some other pieces of useless information that you already know, but in the spirit of education they bear repetition in the hopes that you may learn something. IRL ;) Like any good class, we shall start with the history of the shidduch resume.

To be blunt, the exact origin of the shidduch resume is unknown. ) theorist, based on ancillary proof and archeological papyrus records, attribute the creation of the shidduch resume to the ancient Egyptians.

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