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"I never thought I would get to graduate," Hilley said, assuming he'd die young or end up in prison.

Now 22, Hilley keeps his diploma in a leather suitcase, a place of safekeeping and pride.

I am excited to have you join our mission to help all individuals learn to their potential.Hilley was 18, he had already been kicked out of two schools, and this was his last shot at earning a diploma.Without a driver's license or a car, Hilley said, he wouldn't have been able to attend the adult high school — more than 40 minutes from his home near downtown Chattanooga.Plaintiffs Karen Chadwick and Kim Tyndall are employees of DLS. § 1983 for damages as a consequence of deprivation of their constitutional rights. See CHATTANOOGA CITY CODE § 11-422(a) (defining "adult-oriented establishment"). As counsel for DLS remarked, the Ordinance "will have a very chilling effect upon ... The business operated by DLS is known as "Diamonds and Lace." The plaintiffs bring this action under 42 U. They seek a declaratory judgment that Chattanooga's adult-oriented establishment ordinance, Ordinance 8601, as amended (herein sometimes called the "Ordinance") is unconstitutional. Evidence and argument have been presented to the Court. While this Court in Broadway Books did address the Ordinance in general, many of the Court's findings related to law enforcement problems and health conditions at adult bookstores, not adult cabarets. In Barnes, four members of the five-member Supreme Court majority applied a lower level of First Amendment scrutiny to nude dancing than would be used to evaluate restrictions on other forms of expression, such as political debate. the free enterprise system." If "free enterprise" is what is being regulated here, the City has a much freer hand.

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