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Applicants can download the application below and submit to the Office of Financial Aid.Students will be asked to submit information including but not limited to their choice in choosing UMC, what their greatest challenges may be and what achievements are expected upon degree completion.The application for specialty scholarships opens in January with a February deadline and are awarded to students for the upcoming academic year.

For information on how to apply contact the Financial Aid Office: 800-862-6466 ext. This online degree seeking scholarship; part time or full time.

Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA) is a member of the Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS), a K-12 academic community.

MNCA is a state-approved online program operated through a contract with Connections Academy of Minnesota, LLC, to provide the educational program and other services.

Connections Academy is comfortable with a ratio of 4:1 (four children to one Learning Coach).

An additional adult serving as Learning Coach is recommended for more than 4 students in a household.

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