A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the workplace

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The data were analyzed applying hierarchical regression analysis.Results indicated that workplace spirituality aspects (meaning in work, community at work and positive organizational purpose) were positively related to job satisfaction and organizational commitment and employee's individual spirituality can moderate the number of these associations. Ethics, character, and authentic transformational leadership behavior // The Leadership Quarterly. Don't hire the wrong CEO // Harvard Business Review. Using Movies To Reach Student Audiences John Schermerhorn, Ohio University Robert L. Today’s college students are immersed in a popular culture with rich visual stimulation.This paper shares our experiences using movies to embrace this culture for enriched learning. Good to Great An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

Although our courses are in management and organizational behavior, the potential to use movies as course enrichment options extends throughout the business and management curriculum.

Foundation of business ethics in contemporary religious thought: The Ten Commandment perspective // International Journal of Social Economics.

Spirituality at work: A conceptualization and measure // Journal of Management Inquiry.

• Abstract • Abstrak • Introduction • What is workplace spirituality? • Spiritual leadership theory • Spiritual leadership and organisational transformation • Value-based leadership • Conclusion • Acknowledgements • Competing interests • References We live in the transition period between the old definition of work as survival and the new definition of work as livelihood.

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